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More Info on Our Products and History:

PBS Baits has been available on the market for a number of years mostly in the Mpumalanga and Gauteng area. It all started out as a hobby in 2003 with the economical dips range, which is now discontinued. In 2005 the match dips and match bomb dips saw the light with great results.

The match dip, match sprays, match soft floaties and match bomb dips have a short description on the label for the flavour or ingredient it consists of. Some of our top Protea, Provincial, Club, League, Pro Mania, Elite and Social anglers have been using the likes of Tanya match bomb dip, PBS special match bomb, match bomb dip, Coco – Mo, and Fireball match bomb dip, to name a few of the dips being used. In the season of 2007, the match sprays were developed and used with excellent results.

We also supply mielie bomb and popcorn. The PBS Baits dip range consists of match dips, match sprays, match bomb dips, match soft floaties, powders, colourants, and feeds. Trade and direct inquiries are welcome.

Feel free to contact Chris van Eck at 076 190 9624 / +968 9474 7063 or Tanya van Eck at 079 822 6250.

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